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Coinbrood is a trading platform whose purpose is to make the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies fast and seamless. We have served over 100,000 happy customers in different countries, and we are happy to welcome you to the community. We provide 24/7 customer support for effortless peer-to-peer transactions.


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Start trading cryptocurrencies today, to make huge returns!

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Enjoy easy sign-up and sign-in. Fully responsive and dynamic dashboard.


Enjoy instant verification. Fast completion of orders. 24/7 live support from our dedicated team to assist with any questions.

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Your transactions are safe and secure.


Send and receive cryptocurrencies anywhere.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Features

Our website is carefully designed to aid smooth transactions between peers!

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Powerful Matching Engine

Easy matching up of buy and sell orders for seamless transaction.

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Multi-Layer Security

Multiple defense mechanism to mitigate and prevent threats.

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Instant KYC And AML Verifications

Fast verification of user’s identity.

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Escrow System

Enjoy safe and secure transactions through our sophisticated escrow system.

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Atomic Swap

Secured swapping of currencies between users.

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Dispute Management

We provide 24/7 support to solve any issues.

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Preferred Trader Selection

Easy selection from our list of buyers/sellers.

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User Panel

Easy to use and dynamic user dashboard.

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DMulti-Language Support

Our customer support extends to non-English speaking users.

How P2P Works

Coinbrood P2P connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers!


Place an Order

When a P2P order is placed, the cryptocurrency asset is saved in a decentralized escrow account.


Pay the Seller

Use the offered payment method to send money to the vendor. Complete payment and inform the seller.


Get your Crypto

The escrowed crypto will be released to you once the seller verifies receipt of payment.


Place An Ad

Place an ad to sell your crypto assets in a currency of your choice.


Escrow the coin

The seller saves the crypto asset in a decentralized escrow account if a buyer expresses interest.


Get Your Money

The seller is funded after the crypto asset has been escrowed.

How to Trade on Coinbrood

P2P transactions has never been easier!

1 process

Create an account

Register and create a wallet in a matter of seconds.

2 process

See who is Buying and Selling

Anyone can place ads to buy or sell crypto. Find the right buyer or seller for you, or post your own ad. You can filter offers by coin type, location and payment method.

3 process

Make Exchange

After the seller puts the crypto in escrow, and the buyer pays the seller directly using the specified payment method. The crypto is held until payment is made. When the seller confirms the payment, escrow releases the crypto to the buyer.


Typical questions users ask!

Coinbrood is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace, where buyers and sellers post ads to trade cryptocurrencies through a variety of payment options.

Coinbrood is a global peer-to-peer crypto trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to transact directly. When the two parties enter into a contract, the seller sends the crypto asset from his wallet to an escrow account, and the buyer sends the agreed amount to the seller once the crypto asset is locked in escrow. The escrowed crypto asset will then be released to the buyer once the seller verifies receipt of payment.

Users make use of end-to-end encrypted messages to discuss payment details during transactions.

Safe & secure:- Your transactions are safe and secure. Purchase easily:- Enjoy easy sign-up, easy sign-in and a fully responsive & dynamic dashboard. Instant:- Enjoy instant verification. Fast completion of orders. 24/7 live support from our dedicated team to assist with any questions. Convenient:- Send and receive cryptocurrencies anywhere and anytime.

Static rate means the seller sets own rate to sell his/her crypto asset.

Dynamic rate means the seller lists his/her crypto asset at the real time market value. (Note you can list at % above or below real-time market value).

A wallet is a digital location where cryptocurrency coins and tokens can be stored. A wallet address is a combination of digits and letters that are produced at random and associated with a specific wallet. On Coinbrood, you can either create or use an existing wallet address to store your cryptocurrency, which automatically saves it into a decentralized escrow account.

Coinbrood referral is a reward scheme created for our valued customers. Share a referral link on your social media platform and you get £5 reward on the first transaction made by the newly referred user.

Navigate to the "My offer" page and find "Create offer" to either buy or sell from the list of cryptocurrencies. Then select the country you are listing from, select the payment method of choice; select the currency you accept, set the price rate, set minimum and maximum trade size and also create a title for your offer.

On the "My offer" page, find the offer you want to cancel from the list of offers, select the action to either deactivate or edit the offer.

Navigate to settings and select my settings to enable or dis-enable Google authentication.

On the "My wallet" page, from the list of coins type select the action to either deposit or withdraw. You can also view your activity log.

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